What to Feed Enterally:


PMA at birth


<34 weeks

Breastmilk  (add HMF once >100 mL/kg/d)

Premature formula (PE24 or SSC 24)

Try SSC 24 high protein if <1200 grams

34-37 weeks

Breastmilk (HMF not needed unless poor growth or IUGR)

Enfacare 22 or Neosure 22

>37 weeks

Breastmilk (no HMF)

Term formula

(Good Start, Enfamil Lipil 20 or Similac 20)

Ex-preterm, now approaching 36-40 weeks PMA

Transition to Enfacare 22 or Neosure 22 if pt has good growth, is >36 weeks PMA, or 2-3 days before discharge home